It's not about us, it's all about J E S U S !

There is no secret rapture! This is a lie from Satan. There will be a tribulation that is comig which God's saints will go through. If we are not prepared and if we believe that we will be raptured during that time then we will not be able to stand in the time of persecution.

Please study this. In Noah's day, some were left and some were taken. Those were were left were Noah and his family. Those who were taken were the evil ones.
The Bible says that every eye shall see Christ and he shall not be silent. He shall come with the voice of the archangel. Those who go through the tribulation will have to have the faith of Daniel in the lions den, the 3 Hebrew boys in the firery furnance, Esther and the Israelites during their time of trouble and the widow and the unjust judge. A secret rapture is not biblical.